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Lashbrook is a premier designer, manufacturer, and distributor of an award winning collection of performance and precious metal wedding bands.  With 92% of the bands being made right here in the USA, Lashbrook has established itself as a premier USA-made jewelry line. They practice lean manufacturing which puts them at the forefront of manufacturing philosophy and technology. Lean is based on the principles of waste reduction, high quality control standards, and constant improvement.

Made, here in the USA, using state of the art machinery and trained technicians, Lashbrook creates rings that are as unique as the wearer themselves. They specialize in alternative metals including Cobalt Chrome, Titanium, Zirconium, Hardwood and Damascus Steel. In addition to performance metals, they have a selection of precious metals too, giving you over 10 different metal options for your ring! Add in inlays, bevels, widths, polishes, and gems and literally there are “Endless options and Endless Possibilities.”

It is due to this wide selection and commitment to craftsmanship that makes James Free Jewelers honored to carry the Lashbrook line in both our Dayton and Cincinnati, OH locations.


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