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  • In Rare Form: Platinum Metal and Jewelry

    Platinum is the most rare precious metal. It's so rare that all of the platinum ever mined could fit into the average American living room. That's a key part of it's prestige. That's also why it's a fitting choice for the most significant, meaningful and rare moments in life. The amount of platinum available on today's market is so limited, for every 1,782 tons of gold mined, only around 133 tons of platinum are found. To generate a single ounce of platinum bullion, it takes 10 tons of ore and requires five months to process it. James Free Estate Ruby Diamond Flower Stud Earrings Worth The Weight Platinum has more heft than other precious metals. That means it feels heavier compared to its size. In the case of platinum, which is approximately 60 percent heavier than 14K gold and 40 percent heavier than 18K gold, feeling is believing. Aging With...
  • Why Buy From An Authorized Retailer?

    There are valuable benefits to buying diamonds, high-end jewelry, and watches from an authorized dealer. As a shopper, you want to get the most value for your money. But when it comes to fine jewelry, it is important to be smart. Buying from an authorized retailer means you are buying quality products from a business with an established reputation for having the best selection, service, and guarantee on all products. You never have to worry that you are not getting the best for your money. Exclusive Products A benefit of buying from an authorized retailer is that many designers offer exclusive products only at authorized dealers. These are often limited edition models in watches, or exclusive diamond ring designs. While this may not matter to some customers, it is increasingly more and more appealing, knowing that you are getting exclusive designs from an authorized seller, and that you can gift...
  • May Birthstone: Emerald

    Green is the color of Spring! If you are a May baby, your Emerald birthstone can bring you some good fortune as well as youthfulness and a rebirth. Perfect for this time of year. The Emerald has long symbolized love and as the gem of Venus, it was also considered to aid in fertility Cleopatra, Egypt’s female monarch was most famous for wearing Emeralds in her time. Seems right since the stone symbolizes so much for the wearer. It is the perfect gemstone to give as a thoughtful gift for someone truly exceptional. Color The Emerald color can range from light green to a deep rich green. Typically, the deeper or more green an emerald, the more valuable it is. The most valuable and beautiful Emeralds exhibit an intense bluish hue in addition to their basic bold green color. Emeralds, among the rarest of gems, are almost always found with...
  • Mother's Day Gift Ideas

    The most important woman in our life is our Mother. Every Mom is different, and uniquely special. That is why, on this one day of the year when it is time to celebrate her, you want to find a gift that you know she is going to truly love. We’ve gathered the best from our collection to provide you with jewelry gift ideas for the one-of-a-kind Mom in your life. If you’re stuck for Mother’s Day gift ideas and want to do more than just brunch, keep reading, and you will find something beautiful and meaningful that is uniquely her. Personalized Jewelry Roberto Coin Tiny Treasures Diamond "M" Pendant, $580 Show how much you really care by giving the gift that is unique to her taste and personality. Check out our ROBERTO COIN TINY TREASURES COLLECTION LOVE LETTER in 18K white gold and 0.08 ctw of diamonds. You can get creative...
  • April Birthstone: Diamond

    If you were born in April, the Diamond is your birthstone. Lucky you! In addition to being the symbol of everlasting love it is thought to provide the wearer with better relationships and increase inner strength, it also just happens to be, universally, the most coveted stone on the planet. Diamonds are everywhere, and found in almost every style of jewelry you can imagine. From a beautiful diamond ring to diamond stud earrings, a tennis bracelet or pendant necklace, the options for gift giving are endless. Diamonds, commonly associated with love, make the perfect gift for someone special. The Four C’s The beauty and brilliance of a diamond is unparalleled, and as you probably already know is the hardest gemstone made of jus tone element: carbon. When selecting the perfect diamond, there are four different components to consider: cut, color, clarity, and carat. This is known as the Four C’s...
  • Is It The Right Time To Update Your Wedding Ring?

    There are many reasons to update your beloved wedding ring. No matter how much you love him, or the memories it represents, it might be time for something updated and fresh. Maybe your engagement was unexpected, and you didn’t have a chance to pick out the ring of your dreams. Maybe you got married young, and were not able to afford something big and sparkly, or maybe it simply no longer represents the new you. Whatever you case may be, here at James Free Jewelry we can help. How Long Should You Wait? No matter whom you ask, you will always get a different answer. Some people believe that you should be married at least five years before considering an upgrade. Others say to wait as long as ten or even twenty-five years. A new wedding ring can make the perfect anniversary present. There really is no right answer to...
  • March Birthstone: Aquamarine

    It’s March, which means we are finally starting to see a break from the long dreary winter. For those born in the third month of the year, your Aquamarine birthstone is a symbol of youth, health and hope. How fitting for the early awakening of spring. The serenely colored Aquamarine invokes the tranquility of its namesake, the sea. It is calming, soothing, and cleansing, and inspires truth, trust and letting go. The Aquamarine stone represents a rebirth, and new beginnings. Just as hopeful as Spring itself! Color Charles Krypell Pastel Collection 18K White Gold Aquamarine Diamond Fashion Ring Aquamarine, named for the Latin phrase “water of the sea”, is the blue to blue-green variety Beryl. This is the most common and widespread Aquamarine stone you will find. The March birthstone color varies on its natural or treated state. Natural Aquamarine is usually lighter and greener in color, and heat treatment creates...
  • 4 Trends To Watch For at Baselworld 2017

    Breitling, Tag Heuer, Raymond Weil, Daniel Wellington, Tudor, Shinola, and Patek Philippe are just seven of the designer watch brands that will be showing at Baselworld 2017, the largest annual trade show for the watch and jewelry industry. Every spring, the industry gets together and makes its mark in Basel, Switzerland. This year they will be meeting March 23-30, 2017. What can we expect from the show, only a few short months away? In this blog, we will review our predictions for the 4 hottest trends at Baselworld 2017. Under The Surface At last year’s show, a huge trend (and we’ve only just seen the tip of the iceberg) was inside-out, mechanical and “skeletonizing” designs like Raymond Weil's Freelancer and Tag Heuer’s Carrera Calibre Heuer-02T, that stole the show going for $15,000. (James Free Jewelers was lucky enough to get one for a very happy customer!) TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-01 Skeleton, BaselWorld 2017 At...
  • 5 Perfect Destination Weddings Based On Your Engagement Ring Style

    Pick your ring, and then pick your wedding location! What better way to know what your location style should be than to choose based on the aesthetic of your engagement ring?   When choosing a ring and a location, there is a lot of thought that needs to go into each decision. The location of your wedding determines not only the mood you wish to create, but also the travel, time and the budget required to pull it off. At James Free Jewelers, we want to inspire you to choose a ring that matches your dream wedding location, and create the ultimate wedding day you and your guests will never forget. Mexico – Diamond Pave Engagement Ring Diamond pave engagement rings come in a wide variety of styles that work together to create a ring that is not only beautiful but also spirited. What better place to have a fun spirited wedding...
  • 5 Reasons To Get Your Jewelry Appraised

    An appraisal is a professionally performed estimate of value valid at the time it is written. Due to market fluctuations in gold and gemstone values, appraisals should usually be re-valued every two or three years. In this blog, we outline the top 5 reasons you should get your jewelry appraised, and reappraised as needed, to protect your investment. 1. Insurance Purposes A sales receipt will not be accepted by insurance companies as a legitimate measure of value for your jewelry.  Regular appraisals can help you prove an insurance claim, in addition to allowing you to be certain that you are insuring your jewelry at the proper value. 2. Estate Settlements Jewelry values rarely remain constant due to the fact that vintage, antique and collectible jewelry styles go in and out of favor and the market prices of precious metals, diamonds and fine jewels rise and fall, causing market values to...
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