Roberto Coin

Roberto Coin

Roberto Coin is a world renowned jewelry designer known as the creator of some of the most successful trends since the inception of his company in 1977. Not until many years later, with the establishment of his own brand, did he truly receive recognition for his exceptional efforts. Now widely acknowledged as a master jeweler and artist, his skill enables the boundless use of precious materials. Roberto draws inspiration from the nature, his travels to exotic locales and, most notably, the traditions and history of his Italian birthright.

Italians were the original architects, artists, painters; we designed the jewels for the monarchs.

Roberto Coins Success

Roberto Coin's Young Success

Born July 25, 1944, Roberto Coin enjoyed the typical comforts of childhood until the age of of 7, with the tragic loss of his father. Only several years later, at the tender age of 11, he was sent to attend boarding school in Switzerland to learn the hotel trade. He remained there and earned a diploma from L’Ecole Hotelier de Lausanne. Thus equipped, an 18 year old Roberto traveled to England and worked briefly for one year as an assistant manager for the esteemed Hotel in Guernsey Island, C.I. Ambitious and capable, he started his own business and by the age of 24 had become a famous Channel Island hotelier in his own right. At 32, he sold all his possessions and returned to Italy.

Who is Roberto Coin

A New Direction for Roberto Coin

The company and brand that proudly wears Roberto Coin’s name was founded in 1977 in the city of his birth, Vicenza, Italy. Having already achieved career success in the hospitality industry, his love for fashion and art compelled him to pursue more fulfilling avenues of accomplishment. He spent those early years learning everything of value from anyone who would impart their knowledge. In 1984, he began producing jewelry for other Italian lines, gradually expanding the business by designing and manufacturing jewelry that bore other brands’ names; many of whom enjoyed international acclaim due in no small part to Coin’s efforts.

How Marco Bicego is Crafted

Roberto Coin's Signature Style

Finally, in 1996, Roberto Coin launched his own brand with pieces created utilizing the best in old-world Italian craftsmanship and modern techniques. He quickly established a unique style of his own. Though eminently recognizable, he began identifying his work in what is now his exclusive and immutable signature – a small embedded ruby, hidden on the inside of each piece. It began when Roberto was reading a book on ancient Egyptian history and lore. Contained within was a legend relating how the pharaohs considered rubies to be magical, capable of steadily imbuing properties contained within them – health, happiness, and longevity – to those who kept the gems continually pressed to their skin. Thus inspired, he began signing his pieces in this manner, beginning with the Appassionata collection.